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Our philosophy

We believe in the power of people to create positive change in their communities and we recognise our responsibility to lead by example.

We are a social enterprise, meaning we exist to benefit the world around us. We operate our business as ethically and sustainably as possible and constantly strive to improve.

We source our products fairly and transparently and we take our environmental responsibilities seriously (no greenwashing from us). We hold countless events and groups to both support and enrich the lives of the people of Teesside. 


Our story so far...

We opened in March 2017 as a social enterprise focussed on combatting the effects of homelessness in Middlesbrough.

With the help of our customers and community, in our first year we managed to give out more than 1500 sandwiches, 280 litres of soup, 1600 hot drinks and over 150 kg of cake to those in need in Middlesbrough. Since then, we have evolved into a lot more…

Our vision as a social enterprise is constantly evolving as we grow and learn more about our part of the world and what we can bring to it.

We're recently been working on a number of exciting projects and supporting a number of local groups. We will have a clearer picture of what we will doing in the community once the COVID-19 pandemic has eased.


We'll try our best to keep you all updated on our social media channels.


Our products

We take great care in where we source our products so we can guarantee that the quality of our products is high whilst also reducing the likelihood of exploitation in our international supply chains

Our main coffee suppliers are Origin Coffee Roasters, a certified B-Corp, and our milk all comes from Acorn Dairy, an organic dairy just around the corner in Darlington.

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