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This coffee was produced by four women: Arlete, Elizaveti, Idivane and Juliana. Idivane and her family operate a 350-hectare farm together. Her coffee provides the structure of Beija Flor, whilst Arlete, Elizaveti and Juliana provide additional layers of floral sweetness.

Women’s performance in coffee has grown exponentially over the last few years, and the demand for coffee produced by them has increased at the same rate. Showing that they can lead their businesses and gain space in the specialty coffee market, Beija Flor (hummingbird in Portuguese) demonstrates the success of their incredible work.


Beija Flor is a naturally processed coffee. It’s built up of yellow catuai and acaia varietals; yellow catuai is a very common coffee variety in Brazil. Acaia is a natural mutation from Mundo Novo, which is a much rarer varietal and provides the unique floral notes in the final cup.

Beija Flor 250g (Brazil)

  • Country: Brazil

    Method: Natural

    Producer: Artlete Maria Pereira, Elizaveti Franco, Idivane Araujo & Juliana Bernardes 

    Region: South of Minas, Mantiqueira

    Varietal: Yellow Catuai & Acaia

    Elevation: 1,000 - 1,150 masl

    Price to Producer:  N/A

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