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San Fermin is a lot built from dozens of small producers in south Tolima. Etched out of the mountains, situated in some of the most remote locations each farm is only a few hectares. Farmers must cross rivers and trek through jungles before they can load dirt bikes and carts pulled by donkeys, to get the coffee to our partners at the local warehouse.

The producers of San Fermin are a key part of who we are, and Origin have two ongoing projects that celebrate that relationship. Their yearly producer competition recognises these truly exceptional lots. Additionally, they have committed to purchasing a drier with their local partners, Caravela. This will save the producers having to return the coffee all the way back to their farms if it still needs some further drying, saving them extra time and effort.

San Fermin (Colombia) 250g

  • Method: Washed


    Producer: 27 smallholders


    Region: Planadas & Gaintania, Tolima


    Varietal: Caturra


    Elevation: 1,600 - 2,000 masl

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