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  • TRANSFORM YOUR COFFEE: This simple, beautifully engineered cone coffee dripper makes excellent coffee without the need for an expensive coffee machine. All you need is hot water, fresh coffee, and a cup to stand it on
  • THE V60 METHOD: The cone coffee dripper is at a 60° angle. A large hole provides the ultimate freedom, pour the water quickly for a light flavour or slowly if you like your coffee rich. V60 coffee is different – it’s filter coffee, but with precise control over brewing variables
  • FOR COFFEE LOVERS: This lightweight dripper is ideal for any coffee lover. This size 01 dripper makes 1 perfect cup of coffee, the 02 for 2 cups, and comes with a measuring spoon and handy coffee brewing guide. 

Hario V60 Plastic Dripper (01, 02 sizes)

  • ELEVATE YOUR CUPPA: Use the V60 dripper to make the perfect cup. Internal ridges keep the paper from sticking to the sides, preventing channels from forming. The spiral design assists in making water turn during the drawdown supporting even extraction

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