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Los Altos is a geographically dynamic farm composed of just over 70 hectares of rolling coffee hills at the base of Kilambé Mountain. The relationship between the Mierisch family and Origin started over a decade ago and the coffee produced at their farms, especially Los Altos, has been at the core of who we are for years.


Once it’s back in the UK, the coffee is roasted to showcase the relationship between the farm and roastery by highlighting the unique markers of terroir, and imparting our identity on the final cup. This makes a coffee that is approachable, familiar and full of flavour. In the cup there is a soft acidity, full body and creamy finish with comforting notes of milk chocolate and caramel.


Note: Coffees that are ground to order are opened before grinding

Los Altos 250g (Nicaragua)


    Country: Nicaragua

    Method: Washed

    Producer: The Mierisch Family

    Region: Laguna Verde, Jinotega

    Varietal:  Red Catuai

    Elevation: 1,275 - 1,400 masl

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