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Pathfinder is all about the spirit of adventure. A sweet and vibrant coffee with a fruitful character. It's roasted to highlight the incredible terroir of the coffees, bringing them together to create a versatile blend, which is as delicious with milk, as it is without.

San Antonio, El Salvador: this honey-processed coffee came from our long-standing direct trade partner, Carlos Pola who marries modern technology with time-tested craft and intuition at his farm in Juayua.

Imara, Kenya: ‘Imara’ means balance, and it perfectly summarises this washed coffee, which is a collective of varietals, produced by small estates and cooperatives throughout the country.

Banka, China: there are many regions in the Yunnan province that produce good coffee, but this coffee from Banka Washing Station stood out most for its floral-like intensity and chocolatey finish.

Note: Coffees that are ground to order are opened before grinding

Pathfinder Espresso 250g

  • Processing method: Washed + Natural
    Producers: Tsebel Washing Station, Ethiopia; Pola family, El Salvador; 1,045 smallholders, Kenya
    Varitals: Heirloom, Pola, SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11

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